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What Is The BioClean System?


What is the Bioclean System?

The Bioclean System is a cleaning process that is the result of many years of continuing research and development. It consists of a two-step setup coupled with mild solutions that are safe for you, your Company vehicles, and the environment.

The Bioclean System cleans like no other!

Rigorous product research and development

Bioclean products have been designed to be used in conjunction with the efficiency of the two step application process. They also have been engineered to work together so that once combined, they return back to the environment at or close to a neutral PH state: just the opposite of those power washers using soap and rinse. This makes it the most environmentally safe system known. A lot of time and effort has been put into the system itself.

All from a brushless washing system

It’s no secret a good first impression makes a big difference.

What kind of first impression are your trucks, equipment, or building saying about you and your company? Cleanliness goes a long way towards others having a favorable impression of you and that’s where Bosqui’s Mobile Cleaning, Inc. can help.

We take great pride in what we do

Bosqui’s Mobile Cleaning, Inc. is a locally-owned wash service that has served the St. Louis area and surrounding communities since 1979. We take great pride in what we do from our facility, our equipment, our people, to our quality of service. While other wash vendors may wash trucks, we CLEAN THEM! No one can get your equipment cleaner at a better price. Our exclusive cleaning formulations are engineered not to damage your most delicate finishes, yet at the same time provide superior cleaning abilities. We also clean and brighten all aluminum rails and tanks at no additional charge to you!

Bosqui’s is committed to keeping our planet green

As environmental concerns continue to increase, you can have confidence in Bosqui’s. Our formulations are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and we abide by the Federal guidelines for wastewater discharge. In addition, we can visit your site to recommend methods of wastewater management to remain EPA compliant. You can also be assured that we properly dispose of any wastewater that is reclaimed from your site.











We at Bosqui’s also believe in integrity

Unlike many wash vendors, we will not quote you a lower price to get your business and then raise our rates afterwards or charge for extras.

Bosqui’s is fully insured

We are fully insured for you and your company’s protection. Other wash vendors may either be underinsured, or worse yet, not insured at all, which places you at great risk!

Why take that chance when you don’t have to?

Bosqui’s can service any size fleet quickly and efficiently

Because of our size, we are able to accommodate any size operation and at a time when your trucks are least active. Our fleet is second to none in capability, quality and quantity, and we are regularly updating our equipment to keep up with new technologies in our industry. What this means for you is a high quality wash at a very reasonable price. We are also very experienced at cold weather washing, so we can service your fleet year round and keep them looking great. Another item to consider is that we don’t need to use your water when we wash your trucks. That can become very costly to you. Rather, we bring our own water to your location, and plenty of it, because when you’re short on water, the quality suffers.

Do you have other trucks located in other cities as well?

Bosqui’s has a network of other mobile washers in other cities that use the same effective wash equipment, so you can be confident that your fleets will look great, no matter where they’re located.


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